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July 27, 2011

I have now decided that i'm going to start doing make up tutorials so i would really appreciate it if you could email (you can find my email on the right hand side) or leave a comment on a tutorial that you would like me to do, it could be for a special occasion or even a tutorial on the eye image above that i did!

I have started by ordering an eye shadow palette from Blush Professional (click the banner on the lower right hand side) so i cannot wait to try it out and review it! I have recently found out about them and their Blush Cosmetics site and i am extremely impressed with their fast delivery and excellent quality! 

Looking forward to seeing what tutorials you guys would like!

Gemma x

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  1. Hey :) thanks for stopping by my blog! Love that look you have created above ^^ .. also I'd love to see a smokey eye/metallic look - I always struggle with blacks/greys :) xx

  2. I think its a good idea :) my fav tutorials are wearable ones or celebrity inspired looks, looking forward to seeing some! x

  3. you have the perfect eyes for makeup! like you can use all the blues and greens and purples. i'm quite limited to browns and beige and golds. i love tutorials, i watch all sorts