review - witch's blemish pen

July 03, 2011

 Not too long ago i recieved this Witch Blemish Pen.Now this pen is meant to be one of their recent products and have won the Silver Pure Beauty Award in 2010. 

 I felt that the brush/applicator was one of their biggest selling points because it really does make it easy and convenient to use. It's not a hard brush but stable enough for it to easily apply on the spots. I love the bright colours of the packaging and found it a convenient size. It may seem small but you don't need to apply that much!

After trying it for about a week it does reduce spots and redness in 2 hours which is great if you have a spot just before an evening out although there are a few things i personally disliked. The gel was hard to see and would dry straight away so i didn't know if i have put enough on.

I feel after using this product it's not something i would go out and buy again as i prefer to use sudocream. It's a great buy if you have literally a couple of spots and you need to cover up before you go out but that's about it.

Gemma x

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  1. Great review, I haven't seen this before. I find tea-tree oil is really good for spots, or good old toothpaste!