stop giving me choices

July 19, 2011

So my mum brought me these 2 dresses in the Next sale, they are the same design just different colours and the blue one is a little too big. I'm in two minds about them, they look really cute, summery and floral but are they too bright? They would be more the kinda thing i would wear when i go to Spain but that's only for 10 days. So i need major help as i hate deciding!

What one do you guys prefer?
How could you dress it down?

Gemma x

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  1. Love the dress!

  2. I think the blue one (I'm not a big yellow fan which sways my decision a bit!)
    I'd dress it down with gladiator sandals and some pretty jewellery, perhaps a chunky cardigan!


  3. ooh i like the blue one, very summery!

  4. both are lovely but i like the yellow better :)

  5. I think they are both great, I would dress them down with tan flats and a casual satchel type bag... think they will work equally well in England, and when it gets a bit colder you can just add a cardi or blazer!! xx

  6. blue, definately. with converse and a brown belt casually knotted for dressing it down for daytime. love your blog, just stumbled upon it!

  7. Love those dresses, i'd opt for the blue one :).

    Sadie x

  8. I love the yellow one; pair it with some boots and high socks and maybe a brown leather belt and cardigan with a satchel and a hat and some jewelry - it would look casual and adorable and the brightness would contrast the dullness of the leather accessories! Can't wait to see what you'll do

    xo Maddy

  9. The blue. Just pop a thin belt around the waist to cinch it in if it's a little too big :) I like yellow but don't think the colour of the print compliments it that well :/ xx

  10. I like the dusty blue one better! I think it would look really boho chic if you paired it with a thick brown/camel belt!

    Please check me out :) at

  11. Great dress!!!! I like them!!!
    Kisses from Italy

    Fashion Crazy Ball:

  12. They both look great, but I'd say blue. :)

  13. keep them both!
    throw over a pashmina and rock some gladiators and you're good to go for a spanish eve.

    Helen, X