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September 05, 2011

So just over a week okay i got sent the Pantene Spa Inspired Range. My hair was pretty disgusting, i havn't had it cut for about a year so it's quite dry and dull with millions of split ends. I don't want to cut it even though that would be the best option so instead i decided to try out some of the Pantene range including their treatments to see if they could make my hair look less like a broom. 

The shampoo and condition i tried first on it's own. It has quite an elegant professional packaging which i find appealing. With the shampoo i 'lathered' twice, for the conditioner it said to apply it from your roots to ends which is quite strange for me as i normally apply it to the mid-length and ends. But anyway i did what it said and i was pleased the results, it didn't make my hair overly greasy the next day and once i blow dried my hair it was gleaming all over. The price of them each is £2.19 which i think is reasonable!

I then tried the Pantene Intensive Treatment. I had to apply it after i shampooed and conditioned, wait for 3-5 minutes then rinse it off. The only thing i didn't really like was getting out of the shower, applying it, waiting in the cold and getting back in. Although the results made up for it, this does make my hair that extra bit 'silky smooth'. For £3.99 i feel it's a reasonable price as the pot is quite big and you only need a little bit on your hair! I also wouldn't use it all the time i wash my hair, maybe just for when i'm going out in the evening or something.

Lastly the Panten Frizz Fight. This is my favourite treatment out of the 2 as all you need to do is apply it to your hair and then dry it like normal! It's so easy, quick, and just as good maybe even better than the Intensive Treatment. Thiis is £3.99 too but it's only 50ml. Although if i was to choose between the treatment's i would pick this one.

I've been using the range for about a week and a half now and my hair is feeling really healthy, silky and smooth. I never thought too much about shampoo's as i assumed they all do the same but this range has proved me wrong! 

Gemma x

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  1. I love the pantene hair care range :) I usually use the colour protect (pink lid) and it definitely makes my hair silky smooth! :) Great post!
    Jess xx