herbal essence split end protection cream

November 11, 2011

I havn't had my hair cut for over a year and as much as i love the length of it, i have split ends. I've been looking around at some treatments that i can use to help it and this one caught my eye. Herbal Essence is a big brand for haircare so i decided to see if their products worked on my hair.

What i love about this product is that you can leave it in, i don't really like the ones you have to leave on for 5 minutes, sit in the cold and then go to wash it off again so this one was perfect. It has a really nice fresh smell to it too! I probably put about 2-3 pumps in my hands because my hair is quite long, and then i massaged it from mid lengths to ends. From that i blow dried my hair and it's done! So quick and easy to do.

I found that my hair does feel a lot softer and looks less like hedgehog hair. Obviously i couldn't expect the most drastic change as this product is only £5. I was very pleased with the results though because i've always thought whether all these products actually help, i could clearly see that my hair looks a lot better and from this i would probably buy it again in the future.

Gemma x

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