Do you Lilac it?

May 01, 2012

I had been searching for the perfect pastel purple for ages now and I have finally found it! OPI's 'Do you Lilac it' is my new favourite nail varnish to the collection. You only need one coat of it which is how much i'm wearing in the picture. With pastel colours being in I think this is the perfect colour and it certainly adds a pop to your outfit!

OPI are still my favourite nail varnishes and I don't think I could ever go back. They apply perfectly and you only need one or two coats maximum. For this nail colour it didn't come out how I expected it to. I was expecting the colour on the bottle although when I applied one coat it came out more of a pastel fusciha purple which I actually prefer!

What do you think of this colour?

Gemma x

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  1. That's a lovely colour :)

    Excited about tomorrow, yay!

  2. I really like the colour,looks very nice :)


  3. This is such a pretty colour! Love it xxx