Batiste - Holiday Essentials

June 13, 2012

I am the biggest Batistes fan you will ever meet so when I go on holiday I hate to be a part for 2 weeks! Even though I will be washing my hair everyday from the pool I still like a little freshen up the next morning of for the night. Batiste have their mini cans which are perfect for if you're going away! Even though they're meant to be for holidays as they're small I will probably end up taking all 3 as I love the scents. My favourite  will probably be he tropical as it reminds me of a holiday!

A massive tip for you all out there which I must admit isn't mine own but from Brookes and Brookes hairdresser! She said to spray Batiste in your hair and then use a hair dryer instead of rubbing it in as this helps banish the oil better. I havn't used it any other way since I think you get so much more out of your can by using a hair dryer as you use a lot less. 

Overall, these will be my forever holiday essentials as they're the perfect size and such a neccesity for me! 
What's your favourite Batiste?

Gemma x

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  1. Dry shampoos are a god send some days-good post :)

    Tanesha x

  2. My fave batiste is tropical! Although recently I've been enjoying blush too!! :) Such a life saver!


  3. You definatly can't go wrong with some Batiste Taneesha :) x

    Ohh I agree Jess, I do love the blush haha xxx