Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OOTD Nick of Time

Dress and Belt - SimplyBe*

I got this dress in the post the other day and I was so excited to try it on! I'm such a lover of skater dresses and couldnt wait to try this one as it was slightly more formal than my other skater dresses. It has chiffon like sleeves which really flatters the arms and comes with a beautiful tan knotted belt! The fit is really good with the dress as normally dresses are too tight on my top half and too loose on my bottom half but this is honestly perfect! The only thing I would slate about this dress is that it didn't look much like the colour on the websites, however I was much happier with the colour in real life and preferred to the online version! I would say its slightly more darker in person and less 'in your face green' - sorry thats the best way I could describe it!

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Gemma x


.x.Sarah.x. said...

Lovely dress, the colour's really nice and I just love the sleeves :) xx

danielleyc said...

Love the dress, it looks beautiful on you! The colour really suits you and I love how you've worn your hair too :) xx


Emma Gaudet said...

very cute! the dress looks fantastic on you and the color matches your hair very well!! the sleeves are darling,

xxx emma

Vicky said...

hey, I found you through the bbu blog hop, I love your blog :)
I was wondering, how do you get the bloglovin button with the number of followers? I couldn't find it on the site?

Vicky xo


Alexis said...

Gorgeous dress, looks lovely on you! Found you on the bbu blog hop and am now following :)

RachelAmy Clark said...

Love the colour of your dress! Found your blog on the BBU blog hop xo

Gemma Bellfield said...

Thank you so much Sarah xx

Gemma Bellfield said...

Thanks Danielle! Haha I'm trying with my hair these days! xx

Gemma Bellfield said...

Thank you so much! Yeah me and my ginger self haha! Sleeves are beaut xxx

Gemma Bellfield said...

Hey Vicky! Thanks I'll check out your blog now, also I got mine from their site, have another look? xx

Gemma Bellfield said...

Thank you so much :) xx

Gemma Bellfield said...

Thanks a lot! :) xx

THIRTEEN said...

Just found your blog through the BBU Blog Hop. Following :)

Follow back?

Kendall & Tiana

Gemma Bellfield said...

I'll defo check your blog out!

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