Denman Hot Curling Brushes

August 08, 2012

Since having my hair cut a few months back I finally figured out how she made my hair so beautiful when blowdrying it, it was the brushes! I used to think it must be the products she used or the way she blowdryed my hair but I was wrong. I used a classic Denman brush when brushing my hair and I used to use it while blowdrying my hair until I realised that it wasn't good for my hair or my brush! The barrel in these brushes are designed to cope with the heat from the hair dryer and the bristles are designed to grip the hair making it easier for you to style it! I never thought a brush could be so technical!

I decided to get the Large and Extra Large, the large is 38mm and the extra large is 48mm. If I'm honest the extra large is a little bit too big for my length of hair right now and I use the large sized brush every time I dry my hair. I think this is the perfect size as I can vary the amount of hair I'm drying as well as creating the perfect shape for my fringe. If you have thick, long hair then I would recommend using the extra large, I've still got to grow my hair before I can properly use this one!

When looking at my brushes now, and I would say I've had them for about a month they are still in exactly the same condition as when I received them. None of the bristles have bent or broken. What I also really like about this brush is the handle and the way it's shaped, it makes it much easier to grip and style with. I will always be a massive Denman brush lover and this brush is definatly a part of every time I dry my hair now! I'm not sure if these brushes make a difference or not but I've noticed that my hair hasn't split or fallen out as much as before, maybe because the bristles are more suited to my hair now and that it isn't so though on my hair, who knows!

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Gemma x

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  1. I never knew Denman did heated styling tools! xo