Saturday Update

August 25, 2012

(photograph taken by me)

Hi again guys, I'm officially back from Turkey. I know I said I was going to Spain and I thought so too but my mum and dad surprised me and my sister by joining my auntie, cousins and grandad on holiday! I had such an amazing time but I have missed England. Me being the idiot I am brought my big camera but left my memory card at home so I didn't get any decent outfit posts but now that I'm home I shall get into the routine of doing more outfit posts as well as beauty posts! 

I shall be announcing the winner of my Skin Health Spa Vouchers give away as I realised it ended when I was away. I also have a give away coming up next week where you can win one of five Witch BB Creams which are amazing by the way, I love using it but now I have a brown face from Turkey I will have to use another foundation instead! 

Gemma x

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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday. Lovely photograph!