Beauty UK Nail Wraps

October 15, 2012

Beauty UK Nail Wraps - London Town and Snow Leopard*

I got these nail wraps sent to me a while ago from Beauty UK and I was so excited to learn how to actually put on nail wraps, as you can see from the photograph I'm not an expert just yet but I'm practising! I was sent out two different designs, one called London Town and the other called Snow Leopard, I really love London Town because each nail is different and unique and it was perfect timing for the olympics! Snow leopard is also a favourite of mine as I have always wanted white nails but they have never come out that great so Snow Leopard fulfilled my dreams haha!

The actual wraps come with 20 stickers and a small nail file to file off the access of the wrap when applying them to your finger nails. The nail wraps are actually really strong and stay on for at least a week without looking messy, so I'm quite impressed! They do have a range of different sizes although I thought I had wide finger nails but the majority of these were too big. They were easy to cut down to size they just took a bit of practising to do as it can be quite fiddly. I do really like these nail wraps and I'm in love with the range of designs although I definatly need some practise - good job they have 20 in the pack!

If you're a bit of a nail lover like me then I recommend buying these and giving them a go, especially if you've never tried nail wraps before! They are really bold and stand out, easy method to impress your friends! What do you think of them?

Gemma x

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  1. They all look gorgeous. I have one too from Sephora only im so clumpsy with puttin it on!


  2. They all look so pretty! The white ones look absolutely gorgeous!
    By the way you have a new follower, awesome blog! ;)