Arm Candy

December 04, 2012

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I'm loving braclets at the moment, or as some people call it 'arm candy'. I really think they add an extra touch to any outfit. Here I've picked these bracelets from 3 of my favourite sites at the moment for arm candy, arn't they beautiful?! I think my favourites would be the Twig Bracelet (2) and the Spike Shamballa (3) they will just give edge to any outfit especially the shamballa. 

Number 1 really reminds me of an elegant bracelet and with Christmas coming up it will make a perfect combination with any party dress to add some glamour and elegance. I can really imagine Number 4 with an all black outfit to goth it up and add a bit of quirkiness to the outfit. I love Number 5 simply for it having glitter and being Rose Gold, I'm still loving rose gold at the moment! Number 6 is unusual and that's exactly why I love it, it's a more unusual twist on Shamballa's and I love the colour of the gem!

What's your favourite?
Gemma x

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