Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hugo Boss Nuit Fragrance

Hugo Boss Nuit* - £59.00

Not too long ago I was sent out this Hugo Boss perfume, now I normally have my favourite perfume/s and stick to them although recently I have become very experimental and want to find my 'signature fragrance'. This new fragrance is inspired by the elegance of the little black dress and the confidence that it gives women. It was created to complete a woman's outfit before her evening out. The packaging is very sophisticated and elegant and I love the abstract shape of the lid and how it makes the perfume look that little bit more special. I say that the packaging definatly reflects the price of the perfume which isn't overly cheap but definatly worth it! The only flaw I would say with the packaging is that the perfume bottle itself is completely opaque so that you can't see how much you have left, I normally like to get another bottle when I've only got 1/4 left but with this bottle I can't do that! 

The scent of this fragrance is a very fresh peach scent which isn't too overpowering or floral. I have had a lot of people notice this perfume when hugging me and mainly females say they love it! Maybe because I've been wearing it everyday and become used to the smell but I notice that it fades during the day and I do have to top up. Although, it is designed to be an evening fragrance and when I do go out in the evenings for a few hours it will definatly last! 

Overall this is honestly my new favourite perfume, it's me in a bottle. I love floral scents but this one is more of a mature floral scent making it smell very elegant and sophisticated. I will definatly be getting another when this runs out, I would say this is my signature perfume now!

What's your thoughts?
Gemma x

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Red Square Clothing - Mens Fashion

Even though being female, I can't help but walk past mens clothing shops and look at their clothing, I'm sure we all have our ideal boyfriend and imagine them with what they're wearing. A few of my male friends always ask for me comments on items of clothing and when I came across Red Square Clothing I couldn't resist looking at some of their clothing and recommending them to some of my male friends! Above are some of my ideal outfits/clothing that I love at the moment for mens fashion. I'm a massive fan of checked shirts myself and love them on a guy especially when they're wearing a pair of chinos with them, teamed with a snapback really pulls the oufit off. As you can see in my first picture those are my two favourites on the site and are not too badly priced! The other pictures are my favourites in the sale and not only fashionable but super cheap! So far I'm recommending this site to all my male friends, if only I had a boyfriend, I would end up buying clothes for them too! 

What are your opinions?
Gemma x

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

INIKA - Face In A Box


*INIKA: Face in a box - £49.95

INIKA is a cosmetics brand where all their products are 100% Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. INIKA is suitable for all ages and skin types including those with sensitive skin and allergies! Not only did their mineral products interest me but I also wanted to see how their products affected my skin compared to the make up I usually use. I was lucky to get their 'Face in a box' in the shade Unity sent out to me to try and review, the box includes Mineral Bronzer, Mineral Foundation, Kabuki Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and 3 sample sized products which were Liquid Foundation, Concealer ad Primer. Overall the actually set would cost £118 which I think £49.95 is actually a really good price especially as you get some little sample products as well! 

Sample Products
Starting with the primer, this was my favourite sample sized product as it had an amazing smell, it was very soft on my skin and you also needed a tiny amount! This would actually be a product that I would buy as compared to some other primers I use it isn't at all sticky, you don't have to wait and let it sink in and it also is very moisturising. The next sample product was the Liquid Foundation. I wasn't as pleased with this, maybe because I like a thicker coverage than this, I would say if you had pretty good skin and you only needed to even out your skin tone then this product would be perfect for you, again it's light, smells beautiful and you only need the tiniest amount. Lastly, the concealer, again if you had quite bad skin I wouldn't rely on this product to conceal them well as it isn't as thick as I usually use. However, this product applies really smoothly, has the most amazing smell, covers small imperfections and dark circles around the eyes so currently it's working really well for my skin!

Mineral Powder Bronzer and Foundation
Now I've never used a powder Foundation so when I first got this I was a little bit nervous to use it, mainly because I like a medium to heavy coverage and I was unsure that it would be as good. Personally, it didn't work and cover my skin as well even though it feels like you have no make up on and is so soft when applied to your skin. I ended up using this as a setting powder and it worked perfect and it my go to product every day. If you had ok to good skin then I would recommend this as it's so light and soft on your skin also having a light to medium coverage. I know when my face is good I try to use less make up so I will definatly be going to this product! Next is the Mineral Bronzer, now this is my favourite product by far. What I hate with bronzers is when they're too dark for my pale skin so when I applied the bronzer from INIKA I could control the amount so much better and also gradually build it onto my cheeks. This is honestly the product I'm most impressed by and would definatly purchase, it's great for any skin types and tones and like all their other products so soft on the skin!

Both the Kabuki brush and Eyeshadow Brush are also my favourites especially the Kabuki Brush! I have never put something so soft to my face before and I really like the way the Kabuki Brush helps blend in my powder, bronzer or blusher. It really does give me an airbrushed look and is now something I use everyday. I love the eyeshadow brush as it's great for either eye shadows or for what I use, applying bronze to contour the nose, temples and lips. They are both extremely soft and makes blending the easiest thing on earth - I 100% recommend these to everybody!

Gemma x

Friday, September 07, 2012

Ring Galore

Recently I have really gotten into rings with my jewellery box overflowing with mainly high street brands. What I hate the most is when you buy a ring and it turns your finger green, now I understand that happening with rings from Primark as they're so cheap but when I pay about £20 for a plain ring I don't want to have my finger turn green! I've recently been thinking about investing into an expensive ring as I know my mum and nan have passed down rings which probably have real rubys in them etc... I came across the site QPJewellers that stock every kind of gem you could think of, they also include bracelets and necklaces so that you can in a way 'mix and match'! Above are my four favourite rings in each different type of gem, I really like the Sapphire ring as I havn't got any ring that looks even similar to that and I always really love the colour.

What are you views?
Gemma x

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

BooHoo £50 Blogger Challenge

The lovely people at FashionVouchers have launched a new blogger challenge and asked me to participate! As soon as I saw it was to do with Boohoo I jumped at the chance because their clothing is always to fashionable and cheap at the same time, plus I love a bargain! The challenge is to put together an outfit with the maximum budget being £50, at first I thought this would be easy as their clothing is super cheap although once I started looking I couldn't stop and then I couldn't decide, although I got there in the end! 

Above is my chosen outfit which I think would be great going out in the day or going out for a meal with the friends. The dress caught my eye straight away as I'm in love with lace dresses at the moment and have always wanted a white one, I thought I would team this with a cropped denim jacket to make the outfit look less dressy. I chose some mint coloured loathers to give some colour to the outfit and then added a blue bag to not only add some more colour but to also give the outfit a twist as without it the outfit looks very sweet and angelic, with the bag it gives the outfit sophistication and class!

What do you think of my outfit?
Gemma x

Monday, September 03, 2012

Moschino Loves

When looking at other blogs I know that I will always spot at least one Moschino belt while browsing so I decided to look into Moschino and what other items that actually do apart from their famous belt. When looking on a website called Whites Boutique I found loads of their clothes and accessories from different seasons including some of their latest pieces. I really love the dress on the far left and think the price isn't that bad seeing as you would pay around £200 for one of their belts anyway and a belt is included in this dress. The black jersey dress looks very flattering and simple and is something I'd love to add to my wardrobe! I thought the clutch bag was really cute and different, I havn't seen many bags with this design and it could be worn in the evening as well as the day! The belt is one of my favourites, the simplicity of the design is what makes it so eye capturing, for £215.00 it is a lot so I may have to find a cheeky fake instead! The run jumper is my favourite out of them all, it has away on the back and I think it's such a chic jumper that again you could dress up or down!

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What are your favourites?
Gemma x

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Giveaway - Win 1 of 5 Witch BB Creams!

Giveaway ends at 12:01am 17th September.
Open to UK only.

Since being picked to be a part of Witches Flawless Friends I have the opportunity to giveaway not 1 but 5 of their new BB Creams which I personally think are the best thing in the world at the moment! Not only does it help cover up any acne, spots etc. it also moisturisers and helps clear your skin! Witch's BB Cream has the following advantages;

·         Provides all day hydration, with a moisturisers to help skin look younger for longer and prevent blemishes.
·         Contains 8% witch hazel, a natural astringent with antibacterial properties and the ability to soothe skin and minimise pores.
·         Provides UVA and UVB protection with SPF15, protecting skin from the sun’s daily damaging rays and free radicals*.
·         Creates a naturally flawless look, blurring imperfections to help boost glow and even skin tone.
·         Dermatologically tested and ideal for oily skin.
·         Skin looks dewy and fresh thanks to its tinted moisturiser finish.

Also a quick message to say sorry for being such a rubbish blogger at the moment, I've got back from holiday and had the good news of getting into UNI so not only have I been sorting out stuff for that I've also been trying to catch up with friends, plus I havn't been feeling in the bloggy mood lately. This week I will be blogging regulary and have some AMAZING reviews lined up as well as some beautiful sponsored posts that may interest you! Good luck with the giveaway!

Gemma x