French Connection Goodies

February 19, 2013

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I am in love with some pieces from French Connection at the moment and what's even better is that they are so on trend at the moment. I wouldn't usually go for some of the stuff that's on trend at the moment but the pieces I've picked above I would feel comfortable enough to pull off! My favourite would have to be between the bomber jacket or the neon belt, last season I would be so afraid of neon and that I couldn't pull it off but I can really imagine myself wearing this little belt with a black dress or something. I thought French Connection would be ridiculously expensive but the bits I've picked are actually quite affordable! 

001 - Old me would have looked at this top at thought 'too childish' but I am seriously in love with it at the moment, it's so cute! Pair this with a bright coloured pair of jeans/leggings/skirt and you're ready to go. I can imagine this with an oxblood pencil skirt and the top slightly tucked in at the front to give a bit of edge. 

002 - Like I mentioned before this neon belt could brighten up any outfit, especially some of my boring black dresses just sitting in my cupboard! 

003 - This bomber jacket is so versatile and so on trend at the same time, it will literally go with anything and you can really brighten it up with a funky scarf or neon top! The price I think is quite good seeing as it's French Connection and very on trend this season.

004 - I'm on the lookout for some sunglasses this summer especially as I might be going away with friends as these pair are perfect, plus I don't have a single pair like them. Also they're really affordable for a pair of good quality sunglasses.

005 - I thought this top was really cute as well, it could be worn so many ways and I can really imagine it with a white blazer which again is really on trend at the moment. Just looking at it makes me want to be on holiday right now!

006 - Again, another neon thing which I feel comfortable enough to pull off as it isn't too big. This would just go perfect with a plain dark coloured dress to really brighten up the outfit and look on trend this season. The detailing of the button and strap makes it look so cute, I definatly need this!

What's your favourite?
Gemma x

*This is a sponsored post

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  1. Love this wishlist! :)

    Cat - XO