Joules Duvet and Pillowcases

February 27, 2013

If you've been reading my blog this week you will have seen my post on Home Decor and how I've really got into decorating my room to make it look all pretty! When I was contacted and asked if I wanted to review anything from Joules I knew straight away that this bed set was perfect for me. It's the same colour as my room - blue and white and I am in love with the patterns they're minimal, mature and elegant, something I really want to turn my room into! Even though the bed set comes to a whopping £80 in theory you are getting two bed sets in one as it's reversible  Which is also perfect for me as I always want to change things! Also the quality of the bed sheets are amazing and really worth the money as you can tell, not that I didn't love sleeping before but now getting into bed on those cold nights are just so much better. 

I think at the moment my favourite side is the floral side which also ties in well with this seasons trends! It's really simple and pretty and I love how it goes with my hanging flower lights above! What I love about Joules is that they do so many different and abstract designs that are really eye capturing. I would call Joules style alternative, I definatly need to get some more sheets from them! They range from £60+ depending if you want to get the pillow covers with them as well but they're all reversible and has some really interesting, unique patterns!

What do you think of them?
Gemma x

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  1. It's quite pricey but it looks lovely in your room. I want one! x

    A Scholar Life

    1. I thought that too but for the quality you're getting and that fact you get 2 in 1 I can understand the price. It would probably more of a 'treat yourself' kind of thing :)

  2. Love any pattern that looks like amazing china pattern! Blue and white is so nice and fresh in a bedroom too x

    1. Completely agree it's so fresh, lovely to wake up to in the morning :) x