Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Event

May 24, 2013

I was kindly invited to the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Event which I was super excited about. It was all to do with celebrating their 3 Minute Miracle products which I think are amazing and their best product by far. I went with the amazing Laura and had a lovely glass of champagne once we entered the Sanderson Hotel. After a bit of chat and champagne we went into the official event room where we were surrounded by five different station. This is when I met the beautiful Lina who joined our team called ColourMake. The aim of the event was that each station took 3 minutes, you had to go around in your teams and complete the station in 3 minutes and you would then get a score. The first station was to do a smokey eye look which Lina perfected, the next was to make a Passionfruit Mojito which was my area and I must say we made an amazing cocktail. The next was this super hard updo which we didn't do too bad at, the next was to create this delicious salad. I say delicious despite not trying it but it definately smelt delicious. The last station was to create a smoothie and we were thinking logically about what to put in and came up with an amazing smoothie! 

So Laura, Lina and me had completed all of the station and they were about to announce the winner. Team Colourmake were the winners! We won a £50 Selfridge voucher which I'm so excited to spend and I'm so proud of my team. So the event shortly came to an end and we headed to the bar to finish off the evening. I met Olivia who I found out only lives a road away from me, how crazy?! We shared a cab home and had a good little chat with me realising I had left my phone with Laura, silly me. Overall, it was an amazing night, I met so many lovely people and really enjoyed myself!

Gemma x

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