Mary Kay at Play Event

August 02, 2013

The other week I was invited to the Mary Kay at Play Event which was held in a place called Bounce. Why have I never discovered this place before? It's filled with ping pong tables, alcohol and food, this is my dream place. Back to the launch, this was a sort of revamp for Mary Kay, they have added colour and brightness into their products. If you look at their old collection it is very classic, especially compared to this bright collection. What I was also impressed by is the price, all the products were around £7-£8, so affordable especially for the quality of the product.

When having a play with the products I noticed the softness and pigmentation of the colours. My favourites are probably the lip jellies as they come in such amazing pop bright colours, so pigmented and actually last on your lips. I also really like the trio eye colours, I much prefer buying trios than singles as I feel you get more for your money and I always end up wanting to do a smokey eye so I can use all three colours to make a lovely smokey eye. Again they are very pigmented, soft on the eye and beautiful bright colours.

What do you think of the new Mary Kay collection?

Gemma x

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