Skin Ceuticals Review

November 03, 2013

My skin hasn't been at it's greatest recently and since blogging I'm always on the lookout for new skincare on the market. When the lovely Asha contacted me asking if I wanted to review some products from Skin Ceuticals I decided to give them a go as what's the worst that could happen? After discovering the miracle cleanser from Liz Earle I am always eager to try new skin products and these three products above are the new skin products that I'm raving about. After cleansing my face with my usual cleanser I would apply the Serum 10, Retexturing Activator and then the Brightening UV Defense. Each only a few drops here and there. I can honestly see a massive improvement in the texture of my skin, it feels a lot more smooth and clean. 

Now I was told to apply these products before makeup but I feel after using them I want to leave with a fresh clean face so I do this routine at night time/afternoon. I would get home, take off my make up, cleanse my face and then apply these products. I cleanse my face in the morning too but I personally prefer doing this routine in the evening. They barely leave any residue on the face which is a massive thumbs up from me as I hate having that oily skin after applying products. The soak well into the skin and are really easy to apply. These products are amazing and I feel are a step in the right direction to advance my skincare routine. It is now complete! If you want to treat your skin mainly focusing on the texture of it then I would highly recommend giving these products a shot. The UV Brightening Defense is optional and I sometimes skin this product but the other two are a necessity for me now! 

Have you tried any Skin Ceutical products?
Gemma x

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