Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Converse Crazy

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If you've been reading my blog for a while you know I've done a few posts before on Converse such as here. I got my first pair of Converse not too long ago and I'm always looking to add to the collection however my biggest target is to move away from the standard colours and explore different and brighter Converse. I've added a few of them in the photograph above from some really good sites I've come across that sell Converse such as eBay, tReds and Amazon

1 - Okay I know I said brighter but these aren't black or white so I think I can allow that one. This colour will go with everything from dresses, skirts and jeans. These are actually from tReds and they do millions of different Converse trainers and Converse shoes so you should definatly go and check them out and see if any of them take your fancy. I quite like the hi tops style but I don't think I could be too daring with colour so I've settled for this warm blue, probably one of my favourite new classics and will be entering my wardrobe any time soon.

2 - These are another pair of hitops but definatly fulfill my criteria of being more colourful. I love this oxblood colour and think they would look amazing with a pair of jeans and casual top for a day of Uni. They can really brighten up an outfit and make a statement without being too in your face. 

3 - So they are the black and black hi tops and not very exciting I'm afraid but they do beat my idea of 'classic Converse'. They would like great with a pair of leggings and bright top/tunic/dress. Again a really casual day look or pair it with some leggings a white shirt and a bold blue blazer and you're ready to hit the pub in comfort and style. 

4 - These are the oxblood pair just not hi tops and I prefer to wear this style with dresses and skirts, not sure why I just feel more comfortable. I could see these with a pair of tights and denim high waisted shorts being rocked for a festival type of look. Add some pretty jewellery and you're sorted for the event. Again I really like them for their subtle pop of colour to the outfit and think anybody could pull off this colour.

5 - These are a slightly different pair of Converse and I also found these on the tReds site, you can really find some unique pairs on there! I liked them for their natural colour and I would be really comfortable wearing these despite them not being the standard white or black. I think these would look amazing on holiday on the beach with a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top, super casual, cosy and practical yet stylish too!

6 - Did I really pick this pair? A pair of shoes that's purple and I like them, oh yes I did. I don't know what's overcome me but I have fallen in love with the colour of these shoes, they're bright but I would want to wear them in so many different ways. I think it's the fact they're colourful but subtle so they can go with anything and add a pop colour. Gosh my wardrobe will start to look like the rainbow soon!

So those are my favourite pairs at the moment while steering away from the standard black and white. They would all look great in the Summer however I shouldn't tell myself that or I'll have so many shoes and nowhere to put them! What are your favourite pair?

Gemma x
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cream Soda Goodness

I realise that I'm posting a few food related posts at the moment and that's unusual of me but I was sent out a few products from Cyber Candy and lets just say they tasted too good to wait to blog about them! I was kindly gifted this cream soda from the brand Iron Horse, I don't know about you but I'm a lover of cream soda but have only ever tried the ones in the supermarkets here. When being asked which soda I wanted to review I picked some cream soda options as I really wanted to know what real cream soda tasted like, not that the ones I tasted weren't real but they were just cheap brands where as Iron Horse is an American company and cream soda is their thang. 

The packaging is quite standard, not very exciting but plain. But it's what counts on the inside right? If you were having an American themed party these would be great to stock up on and use as beverages for the party as the bottle gives it a mature feel where as when I think of cream soda I think of crazy 9 year old me getting hyper off of it! 

When I tasted my mouth dropped. Never have a tasted a drink so good in my life. I'm not at the best at describing things but this was heaven in a bottle, it wasn't too sweet but enough to have as a sweet drink. It also wasn't that fizzy which was actually perfect, I have when you drink a really fizzy drink and it makes your nose all tingly, this one was perfect in fizzness! The actual flavour of this drink was strong and made me question what I was actually drinking before. If you've never tried cream soda, make sure you try this as this is the real cream soda! 

Gemma x

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pop Tarts - Blueberry

I always hear about how amazing Pop Tarts are but I still hadn't tried any to understand. Until things changed today, I was kindly enough sent out some Pop Tarts from Cybercandy who have a massive selection of different flavours, I didn't realise there were so many! After talking to my best guy friend Ahamed he recommended to me to go for the Bluberry flavour and he was right! They were just the right amount of sweetness for me not to feel sick afterwards and even though I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of blueberries they tasted delicious. 

In this pack you get 2 single pop tarts, I decided to eat one straight from the packet and warm the other one in the microwave for around 5 seconds. You can either toast them or microwave but I chose to microwave as it's just easier for me. Be warned, even though they might not feel hot they are much hotter inside so do stick to the guideline of 3 seconds! Personally, I much preferred the one that I ate straight from the packet, I don't know why but I liked the idea of it tasting as a sweet biscuit. 

These ones were the frosted one and from what I'm guessing the only difference is the icing on the top of the biscuit, I actually really loved it with the frosting on but that could just be because of this specific flavour. Another thing I didn't expect was how rich is was in flavour, I was't expecting it to be so strong but it was delicious however 2 is definately more than enough for a day as I had 1 and a bite and gave the other to my sister as it's very sweet. These make perfect snacks or if you're hosting a cinema night at your house grab some of these and one per person would easily do the job in my opinion. Overall I loved them and I can't wait to try the other flavours!

Gemma x

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Subtle Winged Eyeliner Tutorial + Suprise

I don't know about you guys but I get a few friends asking me how I do my eyeliner. I've always wanted to do a tutorial so what better one than showing you how I do my eyeliner! I probably wear this style everyday and have been for the past 3/4 years so I would say I'm pretty good at doing it quickly and evenly now. I'm doing loads of Youtube videos if you haven't noticed so I would really appreciate if you liked, subscribed and commented etc! I would also love to know if it helped you guys or not!

A bit off topic but next week I have a massive suprise for you guys, a few of you may know already but I want to leave it as a suprise for when I post it! It's super exciting and I've never done this kind of thing before so it's a big deal for me and my blog, I will be blogging about it next week hopefully!

Gemma x

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flip flops & Sandals

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So at some point in our lives Summer will eventually come. I don't know about you but despite not having much sunshine I've still gone out and brought summer clothing but the only think I haven't got yet are a cute pair of flip flops and sandals! I always leave them last minute but I came across Jones Bootmaker and they might have some of the nicest pairs I've seen! I liked so many of them that I've had to separate them into two categories, flats and wedges. You can see their range of ladies sandals here or if you're a guy you can check out the mens sandals

1 - I'm not usual a colour person, I'm very picky for footwear and tend to stick to universal colours such as black, white and tan but I am loving these coral sandals. Especially the stud detailing on the straps, you can wear them day and night depending on your outfit and that's what I love about them the most. 

2 - If I were to wear a colour it would be this pastel blue, I love it, it's such a calming colour and goes great with a tan. I really love the sequin detailing on the straps, they make this pair really look special. They give off the whole tribal look which is really on trend this summer, if you love the trend then definatly bag these!

3 - At first I was surprised when I saw these were made by Timberland but now I can see the resemblance. I love that the colour is very universal and the style of them is different form the other two, they look much more practical but very chic at the same time, the ankle strap adds a touch of style to these sandals, perfect if you like to be active during Summer but want to keep your feet cool too.

4 - These are the same as number 1 but in black. If you're like me and tend to pick shoes that will go with everything then these are the ones for you. I love the whole black with studs thing going on, it gives a real biker feel. I can totally see these with a maxi skirt and crop top to add a bit of edge to the outfit. These would be my ideal sandals.   

1, 2, 3, 4

1 - Like I mentioned earlier, I love this colour and I love the quirky strap style. This could be paired with a LBD for a BBQ in the summer to brighten up the outfit and add some colour too! These are the kind of wedges that could be rocked day time and night, which is why I love them even more, I love universal shoes and these wedges hit that idea on the head.

2 - I love a good pair of nude wedges and these tick all the boxes for me when it comes to strapes, they make the shoe look so interesting so it would be perfect for a meal out with a dress again or even a pair of jeans and neon coloured top. These are real statement wedges so if you prefer to be a bit quirky with shoes then these are the pair for you!

3 - These are my favourite wedges. Very simple, chic and nude. I love the simplicity of the straps and the fact that it's nude and can go with everything. I also really like the heel effect going on, it makes them look very sophisticated, therefore I would wear these for an evening occasion but I'm sure they would easily be pulled off for a day event too!

4 - This is a slightly different style to the others but it's so elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for a special occasion during Summer for example a wedding. I love the colour and the little heel is actually really cute. Pull this off with either a maxi dress or skater skirt and you will look like a Greek Goddess!

So those are my favourites from Jones Bootmaker, as you can tell I have a lot! I love shoes that can be worn anywhere and all these ones that I've picked tick that box! If you don't like any of my choices they have millions of beautiful ones so you should check out their range of ladies sandals here! Hope you enjoyed my post :)

Gemma x

Friday, April 12, 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag

I've seen these everywhere and I felt that actually I've never really expressed myself to you guys so what better way that to do 50 fact about me! There are some standard facts in there and some odd ones (I may or may not have given my dad food poisoning once). I'd really appreciate if you checked it out, comment subscribe, like etc! 

I've also not mentioned this but I'm really happy about that fact that I've reached over 100 followers on bloglovin. I know I have nearly 300 on GFC but seeing as that might be going it's nice to know that 100 of you still want to hear about the rubbish I talk! I have decided to do a giveaway at 150 followers as I've kind of missed the 100 point. Not sure what yet but something super cool obviously!

Gemma x

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Debenhams Shows Diversity Is In Fashion

Debenhams has become the first high street retailer to show their latest collection using models in a diverse variety of ages, sizes and looks. Instead of using the industry norm of young thin models they have featured an amputee, three models over 40 and a paralympian athletic. Their swimwear shots are modelled by a curvy size 18 as seen above. 

For their High Summer Look Book, Debenhams worked with campaigner and fashion industry commentator Caryn Franklin MBE. The aim both hope is to further challenge perceived norms of the fashion industry showing that a broader range of body and beauty ideals is a good thing. "Our customers are not the same shape or size so our latest look book celebrates this diversity. We would be delighted if others followed our lead. Hopefully these shots will be a step, albeit a small one, towards more people feeling more comfortable about their bodies," said Ed Watson, Director of PR, Debenhams.

Debenhams has moved its campaign for health body image to be press-facing, the look book features:
· Alternative model, Kelly, born without her left forearm and discovered when she won TV show ‘Missing Next Top Model’.
· Paralympian amputee Stefanie Reid makes her modelling debut for Debenhams in the campaign.
· Jada, size 18 model and face of the recent Plus Size Fashion Week.
· Tess, a size six petite model, measuring in at just over five foot tall.
· Valarie, 69 and Maxine, 44, highlighting looking great isn’t anything to do with age
· Philomena, a size 18 model, who wants to be Britain’s first black plus size supermodel.
· Hugo 47, and six foot four Lucio. 

I think this is a beautiful idea that Debenhams has come up with and actually gone forward with. When looking at the photographs above, to me they are much more eye capturing than your average model. I thought I would share this with you guys as I thought this was such a nice topic to feature on my blog, bring on diversity!

Gemma x

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Michael Kors Watch

Watch - Michael Kors $269 (Purchased in New York)

This is my baby, the new love of my life. I still have the protector on the face as you can see, that's how much I love it! I went to New York with only one thing on my list and it was this beauty that is now in my possession. I had been saving up to buy one of these, I have never really owned anything designer or extremely expensive as I never really saw the point but when I look at this watch I see that it is so worth the money I spent! I paid around $270 with tax which works out to be roughly £170, as you can see I saved myself a lot of money! 

I brought it in a place called Woodbury Common which is a massive village with outlet stores so everything is around half the price of retail price. I had no idea which specific one I wanted but when I saw this I knew it was the one (it sounds like a person now?!). It has a classic face, quite elegant and simple so I can wear it for everyday occasion. It's a rose gold colour which is what I wanted, I was going to get one with the diamonds but I thought I probably wouldn't wear it everyday as this one I can get away with doing so, in the evening just add some statement bracelets! 

I am deeply in love, I could talk hours about this watch, it needs resizing slightly but I'm still going to wear it until then. Have fun trying to get it off my wrist! What do you guys think of it?

Gemma x

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New York Haul

As I promised, here is a vlog of everything that I've brought in New York including beauty products and clothing! I didn't get a lot quantity wise but I did end up spending a lot as all the expensive things I've wanted to buy worked out cheaper there so I decided to just go for it and splash out once in my life. As you know I'm so happy for getting my Michael Kors watch, I will be doing a single post on it as I love it that much!

I'm so happy with all the things I got and I will definatly be wanting to go to New York next time as it's such an experience you will never forger! Hope you enjoy watching the video!

Gemma x

Monday, April 08, 2013

New York Vlog

If you didn't know I went to New York last week and it was such an amazing experience, I definitely need to go back soon! During the holiday I vlogged a little bit for guys so check it out! I will be doing a haul tomorrow for you guys to also see. If you want to check out some more of the pictures I took during New York you can check out my Flickr here!

I got so many bargains including my Michael Kors watch, if you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen it and noticed that I have fallen deeply in love with it. I got so many tops that I can't wait to share with you guys. I hope you have been liking my outfit posts that I scheduled during the time I was away. I always want to get into them again but find they take ages to post so it's my 'new' new years resolution to do more of them for you guys!

Hope you had an amazing week!
Gemma x

Friday, April 05, 2013

OOTD - Monochrome Madness

Coat - YoursClothing*
Shirt - Simplybe*
Jeans - New Look

So it's safe to say that London isn't getting any colder, just when I thought I could throw away my tatty Winter coat the wind just seems to keep on coming. When I was sent out this coat from Yoursclothing it actually got me excited for the cold. I've been wanting a coat like this for ages but never found one for a reasonable price and one that was flattering, however this one ticks all the boxes. It looks really edgy due to the leather trimmings and the material is so cosy! It actually comes with a belt but I love how it just drapes down and looks effortless, definatly my go to coat at the moment!

I was also lucky enough to receive this shirt from Simplybe, how on trend of me right?! I love the monochrome look and I don't have a shirt like this at all, it's very flattering and I need to find a blue/purple neon necklace to go with this. Neon?! Me?! I actually love this outfit, again something I would wear to a casual dinner with the girls. 

What do you think of this outfit?
Gemma x

(This is a scheduled post, I'm currently in New York)

Thursday, April 04, 2013

OOTD - Coral Reef

Shirt - Simplybe*
Necklace - Julien Macdonald @ Debenhams* 
Jeans - New Look

I cannot explain to you guys how much I'm in love with this necklace, I'm not one for wearing colour but this necklace brightens up all my black, dull outfits perfectly! I got it sent out a few weeks ago and haven't stopped wearing it, it goes with everything and I can now say I'm an official fan of neon despite it being little. Hey, everyone starts somewhere, right?

I also got this shirt sent out, how lucky am I recently?! It's so cute, suprisingly I don't have a black shirt and this one fits perfectly, the cut is so flattering. I always have a big problem with shirts pulling at the bust but this one actually doesn't, plus is has cute sequins on the collar, how cool?! I'm really happy with this shirt, I like wearing it for meals out and stuff as it's not too casual but not too dressy either when you pair it with a pair of jeans. I never actually wore jeans until finding the perfect pair from New Look, now you can't get me out of them! They're the super soft super skinny I think and they're so comfy!!! 

What do you think of this outfit?
Gemma x

(This is a scheduled post, I'm currently in New York)

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

OOTD - Geek Girl

Hat - Primark
Top - Simplybe*
Cardigan - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Bag - Primark

I'm currently in New York so this is a scheduled post but I was so excited when putting this post together. I wish I could do more outfit posts but I feel sometimes they're so much effort and it can take ages! When I received this top from Simplybe I knew exactly what I wanted to wear it with and how I wanted to wear it. So you shall be seeing a few outfits posts coming up as I feel inspired and refreshed to do outfits, they might not be the more catwalk inspired but I feel comfortable in them and I think that's the most important thing. 

I think the second photograph sums me up pretty much, I can be a bit crazy at times which is why I love this top, it's so laid back but can dressed up or down. Perfect for University attire as I like to look casual but as if I made some sort of effort. It's so comfy and lightweight you can't go wrong with this top and some of you may think it's so 'cliche' but I love it! 

What do you guys think?
Gemma x

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Find Your Voice

(photography by me)

So Amelia Lily is the new face of the 'Make Mine Milk' campaign and they're giving you the chance of meeting her! All you need to do is send them a song or a poem about beating bullying or finding your voice. Watch the video above for more information if you want to get involved! Perfect for people who are massive fans of Amelia Lily and that feel very passionate about this subject. I will be giving it a shot! 

I think it's a lovely idea this campaign and bullying is one of those topics that aren't talked about enough so I'm definatly supporting this one. I don't think people realise how common bullying is and how many people never take a stand to it. I like the idea of this campaign and how it gives people a chance to be creative and maybe try to talk about it in more of a positive light. I'm excited to see some of the outcomes and what people come up with!

Are you going to take part?
Gemma x

*This is a sponsored post

Monday, April 01, 2013

BGO Poker Night


So not too long ago I was contacted and asked if I wanted to host a Poker Night linked with BGO. I was gifted with a poker set, Ocean's Eleven and £30 Pizza Hut Voucher, all I had to do was supply the friends, venue and host the evening! Of course, knowing my friends we added a few cocktails to the evening which turnt out amazing! Despite us not being the best poker players we were definatly the best cocktail makers!

It was actually a really fun idea with my friends as usually we would go out but this made a nice change, who would have thought?! A nice evening in with friends, poker, DVD, cocktails and pizza. I'd defiantly do something like this again as it mixes things up plus we all had a really good laugh and catch up, not something you can always do in public! After we had a few cocktails and poker games we decided to get the pizza in and set up the DVD for a nice sit down and end to the evening.

Despite being kindly gifted all these products, this idea can actually work out as a cheap night in! You may need to buy a poker set or borrow one, play a DVD and put £5 in for some pizzas! We chose to add cocktails but that's just us! Overall we had such a lovely evening and we all agreed to do something like it again. 

What do you think of this idea?
Gemma x