Simple Skincare in the City

June 18, 2014

I love living in the city, there is so much to offer with fashion and food however it can have a harmful effect on our skin due to the pollution, weather and stress! I think we have all dreamed of that glowing, radiant skin but it can be hard to get when living in the city. That's why simple has worked with top dermatologists to create a programme to combat skin problems that are caused by city living! It aims to educate us women on products that we can use, skincare regimes and small lifestyle changes that will improve out skin!

As you can see above I undertook the 'face scanner', I call it that as I cannot remember the official name for it! You basically place your head inside the box and it will take four quick photographs. From them, you will be able to see the amount of wrinkle, brown spots, pores and others on your skin. It was super surprising and they have kindly recommended some Simple products to use to help me achieve that radiant glow I want. A bit push was on their SPF products, guys if you don't own anything with SPF in it get it now! 

I love Simple as it's such a natural brand that has always worked wonders on my skin from when I was 12. This programme is designed to help you achieve lovely skin while living in the city so feel free to drop them a tweet using the tag #KindToCitySkin and they can recommend you products and changes!

Gemma x

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