St Ives 7 Day Challenge - Day 6 + 7

October 17, 2014

This is by far the cutest day of the challenge. It is a little book about mindfulness, how to de stress and calm down by focusing on your breathing - and it really works! I've been stressed out with so many things going on at once at the moment and just by reading this every night it's actually made me feel a lot calmer. I don't usually read and I would say I don't have time to read but giving 30 minutes off the computer to read this before I go to bed is actually a part of my routine now, it's such an interesting little book. The scrub was a nice little addition for Day 7 as it really topped off the pampering session. I love using a body scrub as I always feel refreshed after it and this one didn't disappoint! It makes a great little combo with the face scrub too!

With regards to the scrub, it's now my all time fav! I love this scrub so much I couldn't imagine life without it. It actually makes me skin so much softer without being too harsh on my skin and I have noticed such a big difference in my skin. It's so much clearer and I feel like in a couple of weeks time once those blemishes have gone I will be confident to bare my natural beauty but right now I don't feel that I'm quite ready. I've had an amazing experience with St Ives and will definately be recommending this scrub to every single person I meet!

Gema x

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