May 30, 2015

By no means am I pro of fake tan as I still how those patchy days but I have tried so many different brands and different type of tans that I feel I know at least something about them! To really pull off fake tan it is all down to the prep stage. You could buy the most expensive fake tan on the market but if you haven't scrubbed those knees and moisturised those elbows, well you may be in for a disaster...

I only recently have tried out the brand he-shi which may I add, have a humongous range of different type of tans. If you can't find something suitable for you in this brand then I don't know where you can?! I remember discussing at an event of theirs that I always forget to apply fake tan the night before going out which leaves me quickly applying it before I go out and ending in a not so natural tan. I was recommended this amazing rapid hour liquid tan where depending on how dark you want it, you will wash it off after a few hours. I usually leave it only for 2/3 hours for a nice medium tan. It's great if you're like me as you can quickly apply it, choose an outfit and have something to eat then wash it off for your night out! 

This is how it works... 

This is most amazing smelling exfoliator I have ever used, kind of like strawberries? I can't even tell you how soft my skin feels right now too, it was literally magic. I wouldn't say it was rough at all but it did an amazing job and I can't stop touching my skin. I used this all over my body and scrubbed a little bit longer on places like my elbows and knees. It foams up a little bit which I really like otherwise it feels like you're using sand paper. 

Many of you might be thinking, what, no moisturiser?! Not with this tan, which makes application even quicker, yay! You simple apply this using a mitt all over your body and trust me a small amount goes a long way. Don't pile it on too much as this is a product that develops over time. Trust me, I made that mistake... It's super easy and smooth to apply and it leaves no stickyness feeling to your skin at all!

You apply this product all over your body and face a day after the fake tan as it prevents your tan from flaking as it's wearing off as well as helps protect it and last that little bit longer. It doesn't have a shine to it and has a matt finish which I love. Again, another product which doesn't leave a sticky kind of feeling but smells amazing!

Have you tried he-shi products?
Gemma x

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