May 17, 2015

Not too long ago I attended a Debenhams Beauty event and was excited to hear that in a couple of months time they will officially be stocking Makeup Forever online and in stores. Makeup Forever is a brand I'm sure many of you are familiar with as it's a professional beauty brand that has become accessible for everyone. While the products are slightly more pricey than your average product, the quality and finish of the products are super impressive!

Luckily enough I was gifted one of these beauty's, the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion which is one of it's more recent bronzer. They come in six different shades and what I like the most about this one is that it's so light on your skin yet gives a lovely warm finish. This shade is 20M and is a little lighter than what I usually go for however it is buildable and gives a really natural finish, it also helps being waterproof as we haven't been having the best of weather recently!

I can't wait to see the collection in Debenhams, I definately have my eye a few products and now to think they are so accessible, let's just say my bank balance won't be the happiest. 

Gemma x

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