January 10, 2016

So a couple of weeks before Christmas I was asked to get involved in this exciting project for a delivery service called Doddle. As it was Christmas time, a number of bloggers took part in a secret santa service where we were gifted some John Lewis vouchers to buy some lovely goodies for a blogger that had been selected for us. We were then to use Doddle to deliver our presents all in time for Christmas! 

What really sold Doddle for me was that they have a runner service in which people will come to you and pick up your parcel so it really is all a breeze, unfortunately I was just out of this area in which the service runs so I had to drop it off at a store however there are many Doddle shops around so it wasn't too much hassle! The service sounds fantastic in which you drop it off, they will wrap the presents, you pay and finito! 

I went to the Ealing Broadway branch and was welcomed into the store which was lovely. I then explained that I wanted to send these products and asked them to be wrapped. Without sounding snobby, the disappointing thing here is that none of the staff on the floor could wrap the presents so had to find their manager to wrap them which was slightly embarrassing - especially as it was Christmas time! When the manager came to do it, it still took a very long time to wrap which I would say took 20-30 minutes to wrap the items above. I think I would of preferred to just wrap them up myself in future which then makes me think I would then just go to any delivery service. I then gave over the address, paid and it was all ready to go! 

While Doddle is a hassle free delivery service I think I had more hassle making it hassle free however I am sure it was just this branch. I would love to try out their service again as the delivery seemed fairly quick and everything seemed to arrive ok!

Gemma x

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