August 10, 2017

 I know if my friends read this they will completely agree when I say that I enjoy a good night out with a bottle of wine but surprisingly I'm getting a little tired of it. I mean, the hangover, the cost, it can just get a bit repetitive over time which is why I decided to organise a Girls Night In with some of my favourite girls! We went all out with making our own cocktails, face masks, painting nails and of course, talking about boys over snacks. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who felt so refreshed after this night in letting things out and just enjoying some catch up time. 

We began the evening with of course making some cocktails which were kindly sponsored by Echo Falls, my favourite wine brand ever! We mixed with the Chardonnay as the White Zinfandel is just too good on its own! We then actually made a little video which I will upload shortly, it's definitely one to check out! Next, we popped on these cooling, tingling face masks and moisturised our skin with some of the fruity body creams you can see above - these are all from Superdrug and so affordable while of course smelling like a dream! Lastly, we finished the pampering with waiting our nails with the Essie Summer Range and popped on some sot Dove hand cream. The whole night was a dream and we were super comfortable in our Next goodies which they kindly supplied, we all had our own set of loungewear and then the most gorgeous slippers which you can see in the top photograph #girlboss.

I had such a lovely night with my girls and I would take this over clubbing every week!
Gem x

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