acrylic nails

July 12, 2011

 So the other day i received these acrylic nails from Blush Cosmetics and they arrived very quickly which i was rather impressed with. I had a few requests asking me for some acrylic nails that look natural and well these nails are the ones you want! They are only around 3 quid and are actually really good quality! So as soon as i got home i whipped them out and stuck them on, gave them a light pink coat and below are the results!


Definatly worth their money, i had never really heard of blush cosmetics before but with their super fast delivery and good quality products i will be definatly become a regular customer. The nails felt like they were my own and were extremely easy to put on. I also bought their acrylic nail cutters which i recommend as i had to cut mine down quite a bit to get more natural looking nails. So far, i'de give them a 9/10 as the red nail varnish i put on did stain them a little but they are brilliant nails, the best i've ever bought. 

Gemma x

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  1. Nice post! Cool blog too!

    Check out mine?

    If you want, follow it and I'll follow yours.

  2. They look great hun, very natural and I love the pink shade xx

  3. Great nails :)))