charm and wisdom

July 13, 2011

Just a really simple outfit again seeing as i'm still at work experience in a primary school so i'm kind of limited to what i can wear. I currently am in love with blazers for some reason and keep wearing them with different outfits, this one is from Primark but i should really get a new one because the shape of this one is quite dodgey. I am also wearing my leopard print top from Peacocks, why do i not wear this more often?! It is unbelievably comfortable and without the blazer i feel it compliments my shape. Lastly, I just put on a plain black skirt from H&M and some dolly shoes! 

If you read my last post i recieved some acrylic nails and ended up painting them light pink, i have had a few compliments on them and i think they look great especially for their price! I am also wearing this ring which i am completely in love with, it's from Primark and only about 2 quid! Definatly need to get another one just incase anything happens to this one haha.

p.s sorry for cutting my head out, i genuinely looked like a pedo!

Gemma x

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