Friday, July 22, 2011

bbq face

Basically i have a BBQ from tomorrow afternoon to late evening so i kinda wanted my makeup to be a bit different yet not too OTT? I put a bit of bright blue under my eyes (only thing different) to make them stand out but i'm not sure on it...

What do you guys think?
Any suggestions as to what else i could do?

Gemma x


kirstyb said...

eyes look gorge xxxx

HiFashion said...

The blue under your eyes looks amazing. I wish I could help with make up!! Maybe you could try doing 2 different eye colours...or red lips. I've learnt that red lips adds glamour instantly.

Rita said...

I realy like your make-up
You look amazing


kia said...

looks lovely :) Your so pretty,anything would suit you! x

Cee Harvey said...


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