mini update

July 25, 2011

Just gonna keep it short and sweet but tomorrow you will see a review on Batiste's amazing XXL Volume! Also i will be doing a giveaway at 50 followers so please follow the blog (only 12 more followers)!

I'm a bit annoyed at H&M, i ordered some clothes from them and they now say they can't deliver it to me 2 weeks later of ordering it! Bit of a long story to get into but i was pretty annoyed, hopefully it comes before i go away to Spain!

I am also planning to go to Motel's Sample Sale in London! Really looking forward to it, i'm going to get there as early as possible to get my hands on some exclusive clothes at discount price! If it's not too hard for you to get there i really recommend you to go it's going to be a great day with free drinks and treats haha!

Gemma x

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