blush professional

July 29, 2011

So the other day i received the most beautiful eyeshadow palette i have ever owned. It's from Blush Professional, you can check their website out by clicking the banner on the right. Their stuff is at a reasonable price and isn't one of those cheap eyeshadow palettes you could probably get from the pound shop, they have a really strong colour as you can see below where i did some swatches. 

I will probably be using this in all my make up tutorials, there is such a wide range of colours, it is packaged in a sleek black case and has different types of eye shadows like matt colours, shimmer colours etc... I think this palette is only £8.99. Even though there are palettes pretty similar i'm glad i got this one as the colours are strong and the shipping only took a day! Quick or what!

Here are some swatches from the palette just to show you how strong the colours come out, not only are there bright colours but there are some nudes and darker tones which would be great for a smokey eye! I think this palette has all the eye shadows you need, i strongly recommend this for people who need a wide range of tones as i find that some of my previous palettes came out quite dull where as this one is true to it's colour.

Gemma x

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  1. The palette looks really good and I love all teh vibrant colours. Can't wait to see you do tutorials with it.