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August 01, 2011

So on Friday me and a friend went up to Oxford Street and attended the Motel Sample Sale, i was a bit disappointed as i didn't fine much that i liked and even though it was a sale most dresses were around £25. Although we did hear Urban Outfitters were having a Sample Sale too so we thought we may as well check it out.

I ended up getting this beautiful purse for £5, it was originally £22, what a bargain! Despite the unreal heat in the room there was so many bargains, belts for £3, skirts for a fiver, so cheap just the way i like it! I also got this cross necklace from Primark, i think it was only £2.50. I've seen a lot of people wear similar ones but usually they're about £5 so to get this one so cheap i am really happy. 

Saturday was a bit of a long day at work but Sunday i ended up doing a photo shoot for my A level Photography in September. My theme is fashion and my shoot was black and white. Below are just 2 images from the shoot that i've edited so far, really happy with the outcomes!

Gemma x

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  1. Love the pictures :) Great purse too, what a bargain!