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July 10, 2011

cardi: primark | dress: h&m | belt: next | bag: peacocks

This is what i wore for work yesterday, i brought the H&M dress nearly a month ago and cannot wait to wear it in Spain (i shop way too early for holidays), obviously England is too cold atm for just a dress so i paired it with some tights and a cardi so i wasn't too cold! This belt is my favourite belt ever, i've really started getting into belts atm so you'll probably be seeing this one a few more times in outfit posts.

In London yesterday it was super windy so the dress wasn't very practical and i probably did get some looks but after i finished work it was really hot so as i walked to the bus stop i was thinking in my head 'haha how do you like your jacket now!'.

p.s sorry for cutting my head out and the gross background of my cupboard!

Gemma x

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  1. This outfit is so cute! I love that dress :)

    Gem x

  2. cute dress, loving your bag!

    thanks for your comment - it was the oceana in Bristol, swear they do have them everywhere - I've been to the one in Birmingham a lot (where I got to Uni) and that one is massive! x

  3. Awww, well, I bet you looked cute until the very end of your day anyway!

    I really like this outfit, you got a really nice mix of textures and colors, and your bag is adorable! I want one exactly like yours nowwww
    ; n ;

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  4. I have a skirt with that exact pattern! I loveee the brown accessories, is that bag really peackocks?? i'd love to see it closer, take a pic! i followed :)

    kate xxxx

  5. This is lovely! I love the pattern on the dress and the buckle on the belt. I really like how long the sleeves are on your cardigan too, I like the ruffled-up-ness (??) haha. I have really long arms so can never find cardigans that fit properly - usually end up rolling the sleeves up! x

  6. Love your outfit :))) Wanna follow each other?

    LOVE from Germany

    My English Fashion Blog:

  7. wow! love it!! definitely following!

    if u get time could u check out my blog too!?

    Thank you
    Nyané x