Saturday, July 09, 2011

candy girl

Above are just some of a few new pastel shade clothes that i am loving. I definatly want to get a few of them for when i go away to Spain as i think pastels are going to be a hit in the Summer. I can imagine the tops paired with some denim shorts and the trousers paired with a plain white top tucked in. 

Gemma x


Stephanie said...

Love these, especially the trousers and the sunglasses :)


The Style Rawr said...

We love the Topshop tees, pastals rock!

We're now following you! Please check us out & follow us back if you'd like :)

T & J


bee. said...

As a pale girl, I usually shy away from pastels but I've got to admit these are beautiful!

Shabna said...

Ooo I love everything! The tshirt is cute :o Your blog is really lovely by the way :D x

Crosswire Dreamers said...

I am absolutely in love with those sunglasses! Great post, I am now following you :)

Also I am having a giveaway on my blog so I'd love if you could check it out!

I look forward to more posts from you!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Such gorgeous colour! Love every piece x

E is for Eleanor said...

Love the colours here! Especially like the sunglasses :D x

My-Little-Broomstick said...

Love love love pastel colours, they arent too in your face but they are noticible

neavie said...

ADORE pastel shades, they look best on nails though :) thanks for checking out my blog, yours is cute!! xx

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