collection 2000 supersize mascara

August 04, 2011

This is Collection 2000's new mascara called Supersize which is only £2.99. I was originally using a cheap Superdrug mascara but seeing as this mascara is only £1 more and has a much better result it is now my everyday mascara. I got it in black and what i love about this mascara is that it really does seperate and lengthen each lash. 

So this is my lashes curled but with no mascara on.

This is my lashes curled and with one coat of the Supersize mascara on. 

I think you can see the results and judge it for yourself. You can clearly see they are more defined and lengthened. They completely widen my eyes and make them seem brighter. For a mascara to be £2.99 and give this result is amazing in my opinion, you cannot go wrong for such a small amount of money. As i said, this is only one coat on my eye lashes, for the evening i will probably add a few more coats (tip - let your lashes dry fully before putting another coat on to see a difference). Guys, if you are on a budget like me and don't want to be spending £8.99 on a mascara then this is the mascara for you, it's cheap and gives an extremely similar result to more expensive mascara's that i've tried in the past. 

Gemma x

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  1. WOW! What a great result:) You can't go wrong for £2.99. Just proves that high-end make-up prices are sometimes a waste. Thanks for the post:)

  2. That is an amazing mascara, your eyelashes look so big and full and that's such a cheap price!