collection 2000 cream puff

August 03, 2011

Now i'm not really a lip gloss person and rarely ever wear it although this new cream puff lip creams from collection 2000 add a whole new meaning to lip glosses. Normally i think they're sticky, too glossy and come off so there's not much point in them. These however, are completely different, they have a matt finish and arn't sticky at all, they even stay on for a very long time!

So i got them in 2 diferent colours, as you can see the left is Angel Delight and the right is Fairy Cakes. Personally i prefer Fairy Cakes as the pinky-red colour brings out my eyes although Angel Delight may come in handy for when i go to Spain and hopefully get a nice tan. 

 So this one is Fairy Cakes and as you can see it is really true to it's colour, in the picture it is a bit shiny but i think that's because of the flash. This is one coat believe it or not, it has a really rich matt colour when you put it on straight away and even has a beautiful smell!

This is Angel Delight. As you can see again it has a strong matt finish and is true to it's colour. This didn't come out as brown as i thought it would which makes me like it a bit better, it's quite a neutral colour compared to Fairy Cakes and would look lovely on holiday. 

Overall, these lip creams have totally changed my mind about wearing lip glosses, even though i said i wouldn't wear lip glosses i want to wear these ones everyday. Such beautiful matt colours which makes me want to try the rest of them! 

Gemma x

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