dainty doll lipsticks

August 26, 2011

The other day i received 2 lipsticks from Dainty Doll, the brand owned by Girls Aloud Nicola Roberts. Now her make up range is aimed more around paler people which is perfect for me although i feel with these lipsticks they are very versatile! This time of year is all about statement lips, take a look at Rihanna and Anne Hatheway for example. Now not being a real lipstick person i was reluctant on getting bright and bold colours and instead opted for a softer shade. 

The Dainty Doll Lipsticks come in 5 different shade and retail at £12.50 being found in either Boots or Harrods. 

l-r   'in his kiss', 'material world'
In the end i settled for 'In His Kiss' and 'Material World'. Material Worlds has a slight shimmer to it where as In His Kiss is more of a matte pink. Below you can see how they come out. I think i prefer Material World for an every day look and would probably use In His Kiss when going out as it does come out suprisingly bright. 

Overall, the lipsticks are beautifully packaged and are very creamy and moisturising which i like about it as it seems like a lip balm. Although i doubt i would buy them again as i wasn't really 'wowed' by them and to spend £12.50 on something i would rarely wear seems a waste to me.

Gemma x

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