girls with attitude pre glued nails

August 27, 2011

The other day Girls With Attitude kindly sent me some of their pre glued nails. Normally i'm not a fan of fake nails but seeing as i loved the design on these and they were pre glued ones, i was dying to try them out! My first impression was, 'they will never stay on my nails' but they are surprisingly strong. They do feel like they are going to fall off sometimes so i ended up super glueing (don't judge me) them on and they have been secure ever since. 

They are the quickest and easiest fake nails i have ever come across and so much less hassle putting on. They come is a good variety of sizes as well. When i first saw the pattern on the internet i was put off a little but after seeing them on i have really warmed to them. 

These are the results from the nails, they don't look overly fake which is what i was aiming for and really pleased with. There is nothing i can fault with their fake nails, they have stayed on ever since putting them on (2 days ago) lets just hope it stays that way!

Gemma x

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  1. i tried some like this before i loved them much easier than having to go to the fuss off decorating the tips yourself (im too lazy personally) haha They look great :) xx