elegant touch limited edition

September 09, 2011

I was sent these limited edition false nails from elegant touch a few weeks back and was eager to see what they would look like. The whole idea of ombre hair was kind of put into these nails and i guess they were styling but i wasn't loving the colour designs. Once receiving them they looked very metallic, just not the sort of things i would really go for. The colours were quite bold and dark where as i prefer pastel bright colours. Regardless of my taste on them i decided to put them on and see if they looked any better...

They were better on but did kinda remind me of a witch's hand haha! I think somebody more tanned could probably pull them off better than me but on a positive note they were soooooo easy to put on! Like i mean ridiculously easy! I have never applied false nails with glue so fast in my life and they stayed on quite well too! I think these are one of my favourite brands for false nails but the design of these weren't to my taste, maybe if they brought different colours out!

Gemma x

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  1. I love these, they look awesome and such a great shape! xo