witch primer

September 08, 2011

I have never ever used a primer before and must admit, i didn't know what it really did until i read about a few months ago on what it does! After finding out all the things it claims to do i really wanted to try one out! One that had been recommended to me was Witch's Primer. This claimed to not only make your make up stay in placed but also protect the skin from the causes of blemishes. 

It's a white/clear coloured product which is slightly thick. You need the tiniest amount ever to apply on your face as it spreads really easily. I was put off by the thickness as i didn't feel it would sink in to my skin but i was wrong. 

Once rubbing it in it was barely noticable! If anything it left my face feeling refreshed and dewy. I have combination/oily skin and was worried it would make my face look even more shiny but it didn't suprisingly! It doesn't really have a noticable smell, i did find that it kept my make up throughout the day but i'm not sure with spots. I mean i did get the occasional few but my face was pretty clear compared to a few weeks ago when it was terrible! I really like using this product instead of a moisturiser underneath my make up, i would definatly carry on buying this product!

Gemma x

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  1. The Witch primer is on my list at the moment, glad to see a good review on it! xo