giftbox galore

September 02, 2011

So a lot of friends birthday's are coming up but i have no idea what to give them! I found out about Giftbox Galore and they do the most beautiful boxes with lovely little treats inside them, either chocolatey ones or more bath time stuff. 

Now as you can see, it really is beautifully wrapped. With a gigantic red bow (you can choose what colour) it really does look special. If you're bad at wrapping or anything this box literally is delivered and is ready to give away straight away. 

Also inside is nicely presented with various chocolate's and fudge's all individually wrapped. It also had some scrunchy black decorative stuff in but i took that out so you could see the chocolate.

Now down to the chocolate, i'm not a massive fan of fudge so my mum helped me judge this one! They were extremely sweet. After eating 2 it was very easy to put the box back down (which is a good thing i guess). I feel they would be great if you fancied a little nibble. Now depending if the person you're buying for is a really big fan of fudge then maybe this box would be perfect for them but for me and my mum it was too much. 

I'de probably buy from them again but chose a different content like this as i know what they taste like and i prefer them over fudge and chocolate. Beautifully packaged and presented and a really good range of gifts.

Gemma x

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