short & sweet eyelash's

September 01, 2011

The other day i recieved these short and sweet eyelashes from Girls with Attitude. Now i can honestly say i'm a complete false eyelash virgin yet have always been quite eager. I used to opt for longer ones and fuller ones as i said to myself, if i'm paying for them i may as well make a big difference, but those eyelashes were way too over the top so i never really ended up wearing them anywhere! These ones are called short and sweet and are the perfect length for me, they are slightly longer than my real eye lashes and actually do make them look a lot fuller. 

So these are my eye lashes with just one coat of Collection 2000's Supersize Mascara. 

This is with the short and sweet false eye lashes one and 1 coat of mascara on top. 

Pros: They were surprisingly easy to put on as they came with a little brush to help apply the glue. They stayed on fully and i really liked how they created the effect that i have eye liner on which is something i wear everyday.  They really did make my lashes look fuller and blended in really well. Also really comfy to wear!

Cons: I wasn't too sure on the material, it kinda reminded me of a broom's bristles but not as stiff. The lashes nearer the nose wouldn't really curl up no matter how many times i tried to curl them. 

Apart from a few little things, i think i have found my perfect false eyelashes!

Gemma x

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