Collection 2000 Review

February 28, 2012

Collection 2000 are by far my favourite make up brand, the majority of their products work for me and are ever so cheap compared to other major brands. I have been sent out their new Naturally Matt Foundation so I'm really excited to review that one!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Powder - 
I use this every day, it is the perfect powder for me. I hate shiny skin so once I've applied this it gives me a much more natural matt finish with a slight glow to my skin. Also the colour is perfect for me, I got this in Fair. I'm not sure it would stay 16 hours but it definatly stays on until I come back, I've never had to come back home and look into the mirror to a shiny face. I will definatly be buying this again.

Collection 2000 Illumination Touch - 
Now I decided to give this concealer a go seeing as my other favourite Collection 2000 concealer is running out. I don't think I generally like the twisty products as I always end up twisting too much and wasting the product. I love how smooth this product goes on as I feel the other concealer was very thick. This one covers up perfectly as if there isn't anything on my skin. I would use this one instead of my other concealer and definatly buy this!

Collection 2000 Naturally Matt Foundation - 
I got this in their lightest shade - Ivory and this makes me look like an orange, no actual exaggeration you can see a picture on my twitter. I usually get away with the second lightest shade in most of their products. Really dissapointed by this as Collection 2000 normally match my skin really well, I would probably use this when on holiday and have a bit of a tan as it is very light. It covers up fairly well too! Clearly I won't be buying this because of the shade difference but if they did lighter shades I would definatly give it another go as the liquid on my skin feels so soft and looks natural! It is also very matt so you probably could get away with no powder on top!

Gemma x

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