February Use Up

February 13, 2012

Recently I've seen a lot of bloggers doing a post on their 'monthly use ups' where they put aside some products that they aim to get rid of that month. When reading about it I thought that it would be perfect for me as I have millions of products, probably years old that I havn't even touched up, so here is my February Use Up items...

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask, Estee Lauder Perfumed Body Lotion, Cooling Hand Cream Gel, Body Shop Strawberry Body Lotion.

The Liz Earl Facial Mask I have used quite a bit but seeing as i'm on half term and will be at home quite a bit I thought i may as well use it up! The Estee Lauder Body Lotion has been sitting in my basket for over a year and I now have 2 which are both full! The Hand Cream has nearly ran out so while i'm sitting doing work on my computer I can finish this off. The Body Lotion was given to me by my sister because she didn't use it, I loved it at first I just never remember to use it!

Sanctuary 'Classic' Perfume, ELF Makeup Mist, Too Faced Foundation, Elf Tinted Moisturisor.

I have had the perfume for over a year now and have not touched it at all! I brought the ELF Make up Mist but never really bothered to use it so I'd probably use it for when I have no make up on rather than setting my make up with it. Too Faced Foundation isn't my favourite but the bottle is still full and i'm going to give it another try. The ELF Tinted Moisturisor is also full and I hated it as a foundation so I'd probably use this as a concealer.

Gemma x

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