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February 14, 2012

So as you know there was a long period where I had stopped blogging and just after the new year I had been sent out some products. I have given it around a month of using these products to be able to really judge them. The first brand is Collection 2000, now these are probably my favourite and most used brand when it comes to make up, it's extremely cheap and I have found that the majority of their products are really good.

Shimmer Shades - Way to Glow

Now this is a palette with 4 different shades of bronzers/blushes, I chose this one over 'Blushalicious' as I felt I could use this one as a blush and bronzer because of the pale pinks in this one. It is perfect to take out with you as well as it is so small! I took this when on holiday instead of having to bring bronzers and blushes so it was perfect. Some of the colours are too strong because i'm very pale and sometimes they can come out a bit too glittery but apart from that I have nothing else bad to say about it! I'd give this a 7/10.

Steel Ice

Now again I chose this palette because it's compact and has 3 eyeshadows in, when i go to do photoshoots and all i want is a smokey eye I have to brin a massive palette but not anymore! I love these colours, I'd normally go for a brown smokey eye but this is more of a silver/blue smokey eye as I am in love with it. It's quite pigmented and has just the right amount of glitter to not look like a fairy when you go out! This is perfect to take in your clutch for a night out, I'd give this a 9/10.

Eylure Lash Voluminous

Now this is an Eylure mascara and when it was sent to me it said it was initially for false eyelashes, but i don't wear them a lot so I thought i'd try it as an every day lash. It has a really defined brush so i would say it seperates my lashes more than give volume, i use this underneath a mac or YSL mascara as they give more of an intense volume. I would probably give this a 6/10 but not buy it again as it doesn't really do much for me, I couldn't wear it alone, but if i were to wear false eye lashes then I would use this as it's got such a defined brush which is perfect to blend your eyelashes.

Rock Steady & Powder Puff
I put these 2 lipglosses together as I normally wear them together. I have reviewed the Cream Puff before and I would give that a 10/10, I'm not really a lipgloss person but because it was so moisturising and matt I fell in love with it. I saw a review on the Lock and Hold Lipgloss and had to try it for myself, I wouldn't say it lasts up to 6 hours but it has a beautiful smell and shine, I normally put this on top of cream puff when going out just to add a bit of shine. I would probably give this a 8/10 purely for the beautiful smell haha!

Collection 2000 & Eylure Felt Tip Eye Liner

Now I live by my Collection 2000 eye liner and probably wear it everyday, I recommend this to every single person as using this now takes me around 1 minutes to apply my eye liner to BOTH eyes in the morning. For the right image it's the left eye liner, you can see that you can easily to thick and thin lines and I find that it also lasts a very long time, I'd give this a 10/10. For the Eylure eye liner the applicator is slightly thinner than the Collection 2000 one and in the right picture you can see it doesn't come out as pigmented as the Collection 2000 eye liner so I would give this a 6/10, it's good for doing detail because it's smaller although you'd probably have to go over it a bit.

Collection 2000 Big Fake, Pump Up, Super Size

Now some of these I have brought with my own money and some are samples, I have nearly tried all the Collection 2000 mascaras and I think I may have found my favourite. Starting with the Big Fake I find this separates my eye lashes really well although doesn't give the volume that I would like it also has a really large brush making it hard not to actually smudge the mascara, I would give this a 6/10. Moving on, the Pump Up has a curved wand and I think this is genious, it helps get to all of my eye lashes and really does give the volume and thickness that I love, for a cheap mascara I wouldn't have expected such good results so I give this a 8/10. Lastly, the Super Size mascara, now this is a mascara that I have actually gone out a brought again and again, it give me such long eye lashes and the brush is the perfect size for me allowing me to get all my eye lashes without smudging! I'd give this mascara a 9/10.

Gemma x

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