Nail Candy

February 18, 2012

These fake nail are by Elegant Touch and probably are my favourite. I tend to go for short, natural length nails and  these are the perfect length for me. They also have sticky tabs so no glue is needed which is a great plus as it is quick and mess-free when putting them on. Not only do they come pre-painted in different colours (purple, pink and black) they also come with designs which all you need to do is stick on so you'll look like a right professional! Surprisingly they don't come off as easily and you can also use glue if you want as the glue tabs aren't attached already.  I think these are great if you were going out and needed to buy some fake nails last minute as you can really bling them up or go for just a plain colour. The only thing that I would say I dislike about these nails are that when you take them off the glue tabs are quite fiddly to remove from the nail. 

The top photograph are the glue tabs. The middle and bottom photograph are the designs to put on your nails. I really love the fact that they come in all different sizes and shapes allowing you to also put these two designs together on one nail. Personally I prefer the blue diamanté stickers as I prefer blue with purple than pink with purple but I think it is a really good idea to have more than 1 design in each pack so that people can pick between the two.I would definatly buy these again, I just wish they came in more colours and the pink for me is a little bit tacky.  

Gemma x

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