Collection 2000 New Multiplier Mascara

June 19, 2012


If you were to ask me my favourite mascara brand it would without a doubt me Collection 2000. Not one of their mascaras has ever failed to satisfy me and with their extremely low prices how can you ever say no? When finding out about their new Multiplier Mascara I had to try it and I instantly fell in love with it. This is probably my favourite mascara so far, it really lengthens, maximises and darkens my eye lashes helping my eyes stand out. I even sometimes go without eye liner (which I never do) as the mascara just makes me eyes pop.

The packaging is larger than your average mascara and, like in the photographs, you can see that the writing fades quite quickly but to be honest that doesn't bother me as it's the product inside that's the most important. What I love is that because the wand is so defined and small compared to some of their other mascara's it never actually clumps together allowing you to easy separate your lases. 

The photographs that you can see all have two coats on, another aspect that I love about the mascara is that you can change the type of look, whether you're out shopping or hitting the clubs the amount of mascara you put on can drastically change the effect. For now it is my everyday mascara, I am so happy with this mascara and is my all time favourite, it has tough competition for when I run out! At only £4.99 I will be seriously recommending this to all my friends and all you bloggers, you really do need this mascara in your life!

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Gemma x

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  1. This is my favourite mascara too! I love it... I hate mascara's that clump up lashes and this does the job of lengthening without making them look spidery!

    It's just a little annoying that the packaging fades so quickly (mine faded within a couple of days in my bag).

    Claire x

  2. Ahh I know the packaging does the let the product done a little bit!x