Liz Earle Products Review

June 22, 2012

Until around a year ago I had never even heard of Liz Earle, thankfully to the 'blogosphere' and how hyped up their products were I soon realised how amazing they were! My all time favourite is their Cleanse & Polish, since using it my skin has improved so much and I generally don't know where I would be about it! Even though I have already reviewed this product I felt that I needed to do a little update. To this day I still use this cleanser, I found that it has lasted me a long time even though I used it nearly every day (obviously I had to restock them). What I really love about this product, is that even if I do go a week without actually using the cleanser my skin is still clear and fresh. This cleanser is without a doubt my favourite and even though it may be more expensive than your average pharmacy cleanser I feel that it is worth it! 

After looking on Liz Earle's website I noticed their Deep Cleansing Mask, since finishing my exams ad having a little more time to myself I decided to try out this product and pamper myself once a week. The smell of the product is very natural and refreshing, I personally like the scent. After using this product about once a week for a month I noticed my face to be less oily and shiny. What I loved about this mask is that it didn't give a tight, itchy feel when drying and was actually quite soothing. The only personal downside to this mask was that I felt it was too runny making it slightly harder to put on compared to other masks. It was very easy when taking the mask off, I used Liz Earle's Muslin Cloth. The mask left my skin look refreshed, brighter and soft, it also added a slight matte touch to my face. I think if you have oily skin this product is perfect for your skin, although if you pick this mask to help get rid of any blemishes I don't think it works as well as some of the other masks I have tried!

What do you think about the products, have you tried them?

Gemma x


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  1. This is one of those brands that I always think I need to try after reading good reviews like this, I might start with something like that mask so I don't totally change my skincare routine, thanks!

    J x

  2. Yeah that's a really good idea actually, I totally recommend this facial mask too :)

  3. I've noticed my skin seems to have become a little oilier recently so I'll give this mask a go! Thanks doll :)
    N xoxo