Tweezerman Ombre Edition

June 27, 2012

When finding out about Tweezerman's Ombre Hot for Dots Mini's I had to get my hands on them, especially seeing as the whole ombre look is very in trend at the moment. This design comes in three different colours and is perfect for travel and hand bags this summer (I may have to slip these into my case for when I go to Spain). The tweezers are made of stainless steel and after having them for around a month now I am pleased to say that the pattern hasn't faded at all.

Before using Tweezerman's tweezers I always thought that any tweezer will do until I actually got my first ever Tweezerman's tweezers. Since then I don't think I have ever gone back and have used any other tweezers. Out of all their range I think this pattern is my favourite, not only is the ombre look very on trend but I also love the colours making it stand out against a pair of plain silver tweezers. 

The ombre pattern also comes in 'Itty Bitty Files' which are also mini sized so perfect for your handbag or to take on holiday as we all know how annoying it is when your nail breaks when away! The set includes 12 mini files in a stylish matchbox like case, they also come in three different shades! Despite the size of them I personally feel they do a very good job are are easy to use.

What do you think of these?

Gemma x

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  1. I really want a pair of tweezerman's. They seem like they're worth the investment :) x

  2. These are definatly worth the investment! Not only are they great tweezers but they're a beautiful pair :) x

  3. Prettiest tweezers ever haha xx

  4. These look amazing! I love the design. I need to invest in some decent tweezers and I've heard great reviews from people using Tweezerman!

    I found you though BBU Blog Hop :)


  5. I need a pair of these so bad! i have heard they are great for getting those pesky dot hairs out!