Batiste Brit

July 15, 2012

Batiste is my all time favourite when it comes to dry shampoo, not only does their products give the best results but they're always coming up with funky new scents and designs which I'm always dying to try! This is their new Batiste Brit which I think is perfect seeing as the Olympics is around the corner! The fragrance of this Batiste is quite light and and fresh with the can design being based around the Union Jack, it's so lovely and colourful! Although it's not my most favourite scent, I will always cherish my Tropical Batiste!

If you don't use dry shampoo you are crazy! I live by dry shampoo especially since reading that clean hair makes your face look cleaner so I use Batiste to always top it up as I try not to wash my hair everyday! What I love is that not only does it give your hair a bit of freshness it also adds texture, which is great in my case as I have pretty boring hair! I normally brush my hair into it's standard parting and then split both sections into two spraying between and then by my roots on each side. I also do a bit on my fringe to give it some texture. If you've never tried Batiste then put it on your list as I have never gone back from using it!

Gemma x

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  1. Oh my! I love dry shampoo, just to be patriotic might have to try this out :)