Monday, July 16, 2012

Models Own Nail Art Pens - Blue

(Left finger with brush, right finger with needle)

I've been really getting into my nail art pen especially after rediscovering my ancient nail art pens from Argos that I got for my birthday. Unfortunately I only liked about 3 colours out of the 7 and they had all dried up so I decided to invest into some new Nail Art Pens but had no idea what ones to pick! I have heard a lot about Models Own Nail Art Pens and was lucky enough to get this beautiful blue one sent out to me to try! What I like about this one compared to my old nail art pens is that it is much more pigmented and never had to go over it like I did with some of my old ones.

Firstly, the packaging is so beautiful and creative, it really stands out and you can also use it as design ideas, I really want to try the eyeball design on my nails next! The bottle is fairly similar to all the other nail art pens, it's very sleek and I love the print on these ones! This nail art pen can be used in two different ways, with the thin brush by unscrewing the lid or with the needle by pulling off the lid, this allows you to create different designs in more detail. I personally use the needle to create circle although I'm still perfecting this haha!

Overall, I'm really pleased with the results I definatly will be getting these nail art pens in other colours and be trying out some designs, my next colours on the list are red black and white, I then will have the basic colours and probably end up buying them all! If you're looking for some quality nail art pens I definatly suggest investing into these pens, even though they are £4 and are double the price compared to some of the standard non brand ones you are paying for quality! Have you ever tried any of these pens?

Gemma x


Sophie said...

Nail pens seem to be the only way I can ever attempt any nail art! I love the colour of this one.

intoruth said...

I've only tried the black and white WAh pens, and was a bit skeptical of the newer colours, mainly because I wasn't sure what designs I would be able to do/how bright they would be. The blue looks great though, so I'm definitely tempted to give it a go. Great review :) x

Natalie Roseanne Peploe said...

I went on a splurge and bought all their colours a couple of months ago. I love them all, and the blue is gorgeous. I love the blues that you have paired it with to create lovely nail art xx

danielleyc said...

I have the black pen, and I really love it, although it appears to have separated and gone a bit watery! :(
The blue looks lovely on you! x

Gemma Bellfield said...

Same with me haha, this colour is beaut!

Gemma Bellfield said...

You must give the blue a go its such a nice colour and go with loads of colours :) thanks! x

Gemma Bellfield said...

Haha I will end up doing that soon! Thanks xx

Gemma Bellfield said...

Hopefully that doesn't happen to mine! :(
Thank you xx

LucyyLou said...

Your nails look lovely, I've always put off buying the blue, but it's actually nice! I have the white, black and pink, love them!


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